Mining History Centre In Lewarde

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Mining History Centre In Lewarde

De Lewarde: to visit during your stay in our our hotel

Lewarde Mining History Centre : a dive into the heart of mining

Found in Lewarde, just 20 minutes from our hotel, the Mining History Centre is located at the heart of a coalfield. It is set in the former quarry of Delloye, which was mined between1931 and 1971. Beyond diving into the bowels of the earth, this mining museum, the largest in France, offers an opportunity to dive into the history of manufacturing. Put on your helmet, you’re about to descend into subterranean galleries and relive the past: three centuries of coal mining and human endeavour.

Found at:
Lewarde Mining History Centre
Rue d’Erchin
Fosse Delloye
59287 Lewarde