A History Of Tastes: The Place For Foodies In Douai

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A History Of Tastes: The Place For Foodies In Douai

The boutique in Douai to discover during your stay at the hotel

A history of tastes: the place for foodies in Douai

A food hall for regional treasures
Located opposite the Douai Belfry and near the ACE Hotel Noyelles-Godault, this small shop for people who love things that taste good is the place to come if you want to explore handcrafted Hauts de France beers: La Mongy, La Bonnette, La Bracine, La Gaillette, l’Escreboise, and more. Lagers, ales, Tripel beers: regional beers stand centre stage here. As an accompaniment, you’re spoilt for choice between the wide range of take-home dishes: Pot’je Wleesh meats served in savoury jelly, Carbonnade beef stew, Waterzoï fish or chicken stew… as well as the chicory and Maroilles cheese terrines…
And those with a sweet tooth can tuck into caramel Chuques du Nord, P’tits Quinquins candy or Babelutte sweets….

Found at: This shop is located a few minutes from our ACE Hotel Noyelles-Godault.

Une Histoire de Goûts
t54 rue de la Mairie
59500 DOUAI